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"Matt is a timeless musician. I could very well have played with someone twice or three times his age and learned less." - Tom Wright (PBS6)

"Matt Quinn is an old head on a young body. His music is rooted in the English Folk tradition, and his interpretation includes influences from many contemporary sources. A solid and talented musician." - Gareth Kiddier (The Watch, Polkaworks)

"A very nice young man" - Dr Vic Gammon

 "Matt Quinn is a dedicated young melodeon player who stands out from the current crop. His decision to stick with Hohner at first seems like a brave one but as soon as you hear his style it makes perfect sense. I was left with a feeling of completeness and a sense that English melodeon is in safe hands" - Saul Rose (Whapweasel, Random) 

"Matt Quinn is the leading light for the next generation of quintessentially English melodeon players" - Simon Care (Edward II, Tickled Pink)

"Matt is the most original and fun traditional style English melodeon player for a generation, ask his peers. Hohner power!" - Simon Ritchie

"It seems unfair that one of England's best young box players can not only hold his own on the mandolin but make it sound like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Will Taylor." - James Fagan

"One of the most exciting young fiddle players in the country" - Paul Burgess (The Old Swan Band)


Broom Abundance

"The subtle tones and chords of the morris jigs ‘Lumps of Plum Pudding’ and ‘Bacca Pipes’ impress, but he can also let loose with some highly intricate and fiery playing, as in ‘John Kimmel’s Accordion Fantasy’ and French-Canadian reel sets. He contrasts these, and other well-assembled instrumental tracks, agreeably with a number of (mainly) unaccompanied songs... a worthy showcase for Matt’s talents, and also a most entertaining album." - English Dance & Song Magazine,

"Matt seems to favour substantial songs which have a story to tell, and the usual topics of folksong are covered - the downtrodden, those in prison, and those unlucky in love... His crystal clear diction means that you don’t miss a single detail of the story... Broom Abundance is an album for those who prefer no-nonsense, stripped-bare folk music and shows that traditional music is in safe hands." - Bright Young Folk