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lToo Many Strings - Highly Strung (Self release, 2007)





Album coverThe Mighty Quinns - Thicker than Water (Hebe Music, 2008)

 "Unflashy but most entertaining" - FROOTS




gypsyheadDogan Mehmet - Gyspyhead (Hobgoblin Records, 2009)

 "Dogan a roaring fanfare for multicultural Britain, merging Anglo-Turk traditions with relish and conviction...whether in full Turkish mode, re-jigging English trad or concocting his own potent mixture of the two, it's a remarkable debut" - Mojo Magazine



nelliequinnNellie Quinn - "From Past to Present" (Self release, 2010)


"Great arrangements and some sweet, smooth playing." - Colin Grant



GavDavGavin Davenport - Brief Lives (Hallamshire Traditions, 2010)


"If more of our young “folkies” could write and sing like this there would be a great future for our traditional music. Highly recommended. No, actually it’s essential." - Shreds and Patches


Banquet of BoxesVarious Artists - Banquet of Boxes (Mrs Casey Records, 2011)


"Great tunes played with drive, dexterity and sensitivity by some of the finest English Melodeon players around today.  A landmark collection in the development of this wonderfully timeless instrument..." - John Jones, Oysterband


singlecoverWIPDogan Mehmet - Cut This Cloth (Hobgoblin Records, 2011) - Preview single from the album, Outlandish. 


"...a powerful, original song...anthemic in flavour" - The Evening Standard

 Dogan Mehmet - Outlandish (Hobgoblin Records, 2012)
 "Combining and experimenting with Turkish and British folk traditions, he has come up with a dynamic and inventive second album." - Bright Young Folk
button-rows-everywherrreeeeMatt Quinn - Broom Abundance (Hebe Music, 2012)
 " album for those who prefer no-nonsense, stripped-bare folk music and shows that traditional music is in safe hands." - Bright Young Folk
A Days Work photo
 A Day's Work (WildGoose, 2014)
"If you get the chance, see the show and buy the CD as a reminder. If you can't, buy the CD anyway it's a great collection of songs." - R2 Magazine
 The Dovetail Trio - E.P. (Self release 2014)
"These intimate and gentle arrangements of familiar songs are a great taster of what this trio has to offer." - Bright Young Folk
Wing of Evening cover
The Dovetail Trio - Wing of Evening (Rootbeat Records, 2015)
"This is by far one of the best partnerships I have come across this year... this album did not disappoint, I cannot wait to hear more."  - FATEA
Front Cover for websiteMatt Quinn - The Brighton Line (Hebe Music, 2017)
"Totally delightful listening" - FROOTS