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Born and raised in Sussex, Matt has focused his solo repertoire on traditional songs and tunes that have been collected in that county. He will charm and entrance you with his delivery of traditional songs that range from epic ballads to comic songs to hearty chorus songs.

His repertoire will sometimes be unaccompanied, but also accompanied with mandolin and duet concertina.


The Dovetail Trio:

Presenting England's traditional songs with a bold and fresh approach, The Dovetail Trio explores familiar narratives and modern themes with infectious energy and a passion for musical heritage.
The new collaboration effortlessly combines the distinctive voices and acclaimed instrumental talents of BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominee Jamie Roberts, Fred Jordan Memorial Award winner Rosie Hood, and Newcastle Folk Degree alumnus Matt Quinn.



The Discussion Topic:

 A new addition to the English ceilidh circuit, The Discussion Topic are an English Ceilidh band made up of Matt Quinn, Ollie King, Phil Wilcox & Tom Wright. Click here for more information.



 A staple of the English ceilidh circuit, Geckoes have been together since 1986 with Matt joining them in 2012 after the sad passing of their melodeon player Dave Parry. The band consists of Andy Turner (anglo-concertinas), Caroline Butler (fiddle), Andy Cheyne (guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, fiddle), Tom Miller (keyboards, guitar) & Matt (melodeons).

Click here to find out more about Geckoes


English String Band:

The English String Band is a ceilidh and concert band that consists of some of the best string players of the English traditional style. The band consists of Johnny Adams (Fiddle), Paul Burgess (Fiddle), Liz Giddings (Fiddle), Flos Headford (Fiddle), Taz Tarry (Fiddle), Cath Chandler (Viola), Dee de Wit (Cello), Rob Neal (Cello) and Howard Mitchell (Double Bass). Matt joins them occaisionally on Fiddle. 

Click here for more information on the English String Band